Isle Of Coll (COL) information

: Isle Of Coll
: Airports
: 1642 ft
: 41 ft
: Isle Of Coll
: United Kingdom
: 493
: +0.0
: 0187 93367

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Airport Statistics

: 4
: 2
: 2
: 4187 Km (2617 miles)

Destinations you can reach from Isle Of Coll (COL)

Some facts about this airport:

Which airlines use this airport? Only 2 airlines fly at Isle Of Coll. The biggest airline is Avolar Airlines with 50% of the airport destinations. The other airline operating in this airport is Highland Airways Airport utilization by airlines
In which countries are distributed the destinations? If you depart from Isle Of Coll, then you can reach only 2 countries. In terms of destination, the most popular country is Mexico with 50% of the airport destinations. Destinations geographical distribution

From Isle Of Coll (COL) you can fly to:



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