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: Skysouth
: Skysouth
: United Kingdom

This airline airline has ceased its operations in 2009. The airline ceased operations in February 2009, citing, in their website announcement, "unprecedented economic conditions" which made their operation no longer financially viable.

Airline Statistics

: 4
: 2
: 1
: 2
: 163 Km (102 miles)
: 177%
: Le Touquet (LTQ) (0 destinations)

Map of the airports served by Skysouth just before ceasing its operations

Facts and figures about Skysouth:

In which countries are distributed the destinations? By using Skysouth you can reach only 2 countries. In terms of destination, the most popular country is France with 50% of the airport destinations. Destinations geographical distribution
Which airports are the main ones? Airline presence in airports

Airports used by Skysouth:

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