European Air Express information

: European Air Express
: European Air Express
: Starwing
: Germany
: EA
: ICAO changed from NRX, Formely Filder Ai
: ICAO callsdin changed from Noris. IATA designator changed from 7Y*

This airline airline has ceased its operations in 2007. On June 14, 2007 the airline announced that it would end operations on 30 September 2007, however All services were suspended in June and July 2007 ahead of the planned closure.

Airline Statistics

: 2
: 2
: 1
: 1
: 198 Km (124 miles)
: 400%
: Muenster/Osnabrueck (FMO) (0 destinations)

Map of the airports served by European Air Express just before ceasing its operations

Facts and figures about European Air Express:

In which countries are distributed the destinations? By using European Air Express you can reach only 2 countries. In terms of destination, the most popular country is Netherlands with 50% of the airport destinations. Destinations geographical distribution
Which airports are the main ones? Airline presence in airports

Airports used by European Air Express:

red Marker Main Airports