Air Niugini information

: Air Niugini
: Air Niugini Pty Limited d/b/a Air Niugini
: Niugini
: Papua New Guinea
: PX
: 656
: Name changed from Air Niugini

Airline Statistics

: 27
: 5
: 2
: 23
: 1381 Km (863 miles)
: 65%
: Port Moresby, Jackson Fld (POM) (26 destinations)

Map of the airports served by Air Niugini

Facts and figures about Air Niugini:

In which countries are distributed the destinations? By using Air Niugini you can reach only 5 countries. In terms of destination, the most popular country is Papua New Guinea with more than half of the airline flights: 93%. Destinations geographical distribution
Which airports are the main ones? Airline presence in airports

Airports used by Air Niugini:

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